Valentine’s Day Sweep

The Pacers celebrated Valentine’s Day with a win and series sweep against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center in New York. This was their final game before the All-Star break, and before the game, Al Jefferson continuously encouraged his team to “take care of business” and to not go on “vacation mode” before the break.

Throughout the duration of the game, the lead changed hands 29 times and neither team ever maintained a significant lead. This game was a fight from start to finish, but the Pacers were able to enter into the All-Star break on a high note with a 108-103 victory over the Nets.

One player in particular had a huge game against the Nets, Al Jefferson. Big Al hit his first six shots over six minutes, and he rallied his team and fans with his entertaining, old school moves.

“It feels good to know guys still go for the old-school ball fake,” Al said.

In the first half, Big Al was able to rack up 13 points, one assist, two blocks and three rebounds. This is an impressive showing for any player, but what is even more impressive is that Al accomplished all of this in eight minutes. On Wednesday, No. 25 was the only Pacer to shoot above 50%, and he could not be stopped.

Big Al was a huge asset in the back-and-forth series sweep against the Nets.

The Pacers are in their longest stretch of solid play this season, and they are now eight games above their predicted record. Many people underestimated Indiana at the start of the season, but now the Pacers are on track for the postseason.

“People counted us out from the beginning and nobody thought we would be where we are now,” Jefferson said. “We have a great group of guys that plays hard, that plays together, and wants to win, and nobody cares about anything else but winning.”

After the Pacers’ well-deserved All-Star break, they return home on Friday, Feb. 23 to face the Atlanta Hawks.


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