Road to Clinching Playoff Spot

The Pacers are officially playoff bound after their game against Miami Heat on Sunday. The fans in Bankers Life Fieldhouse were going crazy to see their team clinch a spot in the postseason after the nail-biting overtime win. The Pacers had a rough start to the game, but they were able to come together for an exciting win at home.

Al Jefferson had a big impact on Indiana securing this playoff spot, both on and off the court. Big Al is a 14-year vet, but worked all of pre-season to get into great shape to prepare for this season. The Pacers have gone through many injuries, but the head coach, Nate McMillan, is always able to turn to No. 25 for efficient and consistent play whenever it is needed. Recently, Al received big minutes in the games against the Raptors and Wizards, and he played like he did in his prime.

Big Al has also played many games recently for only a few minutes, but in the short amount of playing time he was able to bring his quickness and old tricks to help his team. Before the game against the Lakers on Mar. 19, Big Al did a pregame interview talking about his contribution to the team this season. He talks about how he has really big shoes to fill whenever he goes in for his teammates, but he is always ready to do his job. Al also mentions how important the rest of the season will be for the playoffs, and he says “we’ve got to take care of the home.” That night, the Pacers were able to beat the Lakers and defend their home turf.

With playoffs less than a month away, every game is crucial and impactful for the Pacers’ postseason play. Al Jefferson has been constantly reiterating how important it is for the Pacers to stay on the top of their game.

“We can’t take any team light at this point in time in the season,” Al said.

The sky is the limit for Indiana and it will be exciting to see how Al Jefferson helps mentor his teammates in the postseason.


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